About Laura

Laura lives in Hermosa Beach, California with her husband and son.  She is a native of Hermosa Beach but has lived also lived and worked in New York City and San Diego, California.  Laura has always been interested in design staring with fashion Design and a toy designer for Mattel.  Looking back, she realized she has always been interested in Interior Design but didn’t realize it until she remodeled her home over 10 years ago.  She started designing for Expo Design Center and then a home and design store in Hermosa Beach then  started her own Interior Design Firm.  She fulfilled her dream of opening her own Interior Design Store called Seaside Bungalow over 4 years ago.  Seaside Bungalow is now online only so she can stay at home with her son and concentrate on her clients.  Seaside Bungalows Design projects have been primarily focused towards main residences as well as; vacation homes, second homes, guest cottages and beach houses.